Norsk harpeforening - Norwegian harp sosciety


In February 2019, a Harp Symposium took place in Oslo. On a very snowy weekend, 54 harpists gathered to meet and celebrate their instrument – teachers, harpists of all ages, both folk and classical and players alike.  Organized by Isabelle Perrin, Harp Professor at the Norwegian Academy of Music and Artistic Director to the WHC (World Harp Congress), the symposium gave a rare platform for Nordic harpists of all types of harp playing to meet.


During the symposium, the international group brainstormed ways to help the harp base grow in Norway. Using their combined knowledge, the participants outlined the needs of harpists in Norway and the best way to support them. Now Norskharpeforening (Norwegian Harp Society), has just officially been formed and will soon start to support teachers and students throughout Norway. Hopefully in another generation, harps will no longer be endangered here.


Special thanks to: Sparebankstiftelsen Dextra Musica for founding and funding Instruments in Focus and to both Voksenaasen and Isabelle Perrin for arranging the Harp Symposium. Already there is a dedicated group of the harpists in Norway – too many to list here – who work to promote both classical and folk harp, you are all harp heroes!